Январь 11, 2023

5th Edition of Euro-Global Conference on Food Science and Technology, 2023

Magnus Group is gratified to invite you to its prestigious Hybrid Event “5th Edition of Euro-Global Conference on Food Science and Technology” FAT 2023. The congress will be taking place in the month of September 11-13, 2023 held at Valencia, Spain with the theme of FOOD: Focusing On Outstanding Discoveries in Food Science and Technology. This Hybrid mode allows you to participate as in-person in Valencia, Spain or Virtual from your home or work.

The aim of this colloquium is to highlight key research and applications, as well as an emerging technology in all fields relating to food science and technology. It will feature oral and poster presentations, as well as debates and information exchange on a variety of Food Science and Technology related topics.

Though productivity gains and technological advancements have contributed to more effective usages of natural resources and enhanced food security, the sustainability of agricultural productivity and food security is threatened by climate change, the intensification of natural disasters, and an increase in the movement of pests and diseases across national borders. The food industry offers the greatest potential for research and development. Sensor fusion, CPS design, HMI, robot learning and training software, vision systems, and robot structural re-configurability are all possibilities. Integrating multiple types of technological sectors is crucial for achieving competitive and creative solutions. Experts from academia and industry should join up to improve the food sector, which is long overdue.

The global summit is a three-day Hybrid Event that will host some of the most influential figures in the food and beverage sector including researchers, scientists, food technologists, nutritionists, botanists, healthcare professionals, policymakers, government representatives and industry key players to stimulate debate, foster collaborations, and expand knowledge base. FAT 2023 is composed of high achievers and professionals from the food, beverage, nutrition, and wellness industries. We attempt to provide a forum for networking and professional development among a select group of well-established individuals and businesses.

We hope this one-of-a-kind conference aims to transform the entire ecosystem by sparking new food industry talks.

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